Ubuntu Trademarks - Zimbabwe Logo

Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at halsteds.co.zw
Sat May 10 10:19:39 BST 2008

Hi guys,

Have received the following reply from Canonical:

Hi Neil,

Thank you for contacting us.

In terms of our trademark policy, we have no issues with loco teams
using our trademarks to support their teams. However, we do not permit
any changes to the actual logo, so unfortunately we cannot allow you to
use the logo you have requested.

What you could do is put a map of Zimbabwe in the middle of the circle
of friends or something along those lines.

I hope you understand and appreciate our position.

Kind regards,



So we can go ahead and use the standard Ubuntu logo on our regalia, but
we are not allowed to use the Zimbabwe logo unless we come up with a
totally different one that does not alter the official logo in any way.

Sorry guys :(


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