Ubuntu IRC in zim??

Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 14:31:53 GMT 2008

Hi Guys,

i spent some time on the ubuntu IRC channel this weekend, to get a feel of
what it is used for.
I must say i was very impressed with it..the amount of people that come in
to ask questions or get help is quite unbelievable!

i must've helped/talked to about 30 different people in an hour...

after experiencing this, i really think having an IRC channel in zim would
be cool.. its obvious we wouldnt get much traffic because not many people
know about IRC or how to use it, but it is really easy to get used to... and
is a nice support/society platform to build on.

i reckon with a nicely posted "how to" on our site, i think it could be

just think of IRC as a skype conference call (for those that use skype)....

if you'd you like to check it out...connect to *irc.freenode.net*
then join the channel *#ubuntu*

let me know what you all think...


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