Ubuntu at Toyota

Samuel Mukoti samuelmukoti at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 10:19:53 BST 2008

Very, very cool..

Linux is ready for the Desktop and 2008 is the year the trends spreads  
in Zim & rest of Africa it seems..


On Aug 22, 2008, at 10:28 AM, jonathan wrote:

> August 18, 2008
> Ubuntu at Toyota
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> — sven @ 17:02 GMT
> I’m waiting a few hours at the Thompson Toyota, my Prius is getting  
> some
> minor work done to it to pass state inspection, it still takes a few
> hours. They have a wireless connection to the Internet, but even  
> though
> last time I connected without problems this time my PII Debian system
> was not happy. So I checked out the bank of beat up Gateways with
> vagabond keyboards in the corner. I wiggle the mouse, and up pops the
> Ubuntu Heron! Wow! I can tell from the scribbled out tag that these  
> are
> likely hand me downs from Thompson Lexus, I bet them bastards over  
> there
> now have Vista. I expect that they just didn’t want to pay for  
> Licenses,
> but I can do some work!
> The neat part is that other people are actually using them. By default
> there are no icons on the desktop, so some people can’t find Firefox
> right away, but they find it. The card games seem most popular  
> thought,
> at least today. I guess Ubuntu really is a user friendly system.
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