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Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at halsteds.co.zw
Thu Aug 14 07:26:43 BST 2008

Hi Ronald,

If you're prepared to take it on yourself, then I would say go for it!
I'm sure we can try to assist wherever possible. Or would it not
possibly be an idea to "join in" with the event planned by Linux Chix,
and maybe collaborate on it this time around as a joint project.... then
maybe do our own thing next time? Just a thought. Either way I think it
would be excellent to get involved. Do we know anything else about Linux
Chix in Zim? This could also be your opportunity to recruit some female
members for Ubuntu-ZW ;)

If we can also get details of when/where/what is going to be happening,
then I can request a "pack" of promotional material from Canonical....
but Sept 20th is only a month away and we need ALL the details before
making the request. Unfortunately, chances are even if we applied now it
wouldn't reach Zim in time, so that probably isn't an option. :(

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 17:05 +0200, ronald munjoma wrote:
> Hello,
> Find below Linux Chix Zimbabwe SFD plan of action. Are we in a
> position to do something this year and make it one of our projects. I
> am prepared to be the project champion.
> Regards
> Ronald.
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> Date: 2008/8/13
> Subject: [linuxchix] SFD 2008
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> Hey ladies, we are getting cose to that day when we celebrate
> Softaware
> Freedom Day (SFD). Out Linuxchix Mutare team is listed as registered
> among
> thousand others for Software Freedom Day event for September 20th,
> 2008.Unfortunately the AU Peace Marthon is scheduled for this date so
> may
> you come up with proposed dates when we can celebrate the day. Its a
> pleasure to inform you that one of our chix mambers Getty created and
> registered her team, its great to know that the spirit dint die after
> she
> left us.
> To see the list of other registered teams follow the link below
>  http://cgi.softwarefreedomday.org/map.shtml#
> Find below the listed activities , brainstorm and add to the list more
> activities we can plan on. I hope that we will meet, but for this
> period
> we can communicate to share ideas by email until we have the first
> meeting.
> 1. Introductory presentation on what is Free Open Source Software
> (FOSS)
> 2. Practical Computer Laboratory session demonstrating  FOSS using
> Ubuntu
> Live CDs
> 3. An address by one of the linuxchix members on Women in ICT and
> challenges faced.
> 4. Quiz session with prizes for winners in the High school category,
> teachers colleges and other tertiary institutions represented on the
> day.
> 5. Differences between proprietary software  and FOSS
> 6. Show case of FOSS at work by Africa University Educational
> Technologies
> Administrator based on MOODLE e-learning FOSS
> 7. Use of FOSS in developing countries in health sectors, education
> and
> poverty alleviation projects, awareness of HIV and AIDS
> 8. Use of FOSS as a communication tool, areas to be covered include
> wikis,
> discussion forum, blogs, Instant Messengers ETC.
> ******* Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes.
> * Never take a problem to your boss unless you have a solution.
> ******
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