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Sun Apr 27 15:33:32 BST 2008

Having looked through the Freedom Toaster manuals a little, the
technical aspect shouldn't be a major problem. I'd say our toughest task
is sourcing the computer hardware and the materials needed for the
housing. Any ideas on possible sponsors? I'd hate to think what a touch
screen costs in Zim these days! Also, most IT dudes are not the best
when it comes to physically building things, so once we've got the
materials for the housing, do we have anyone "practical" who can build
it? If I tried it would definitely be a disaster. I'm still not entirely
confident when it comes to checking oil and water in the car!

Kalpesh, can I suggest that you divide the project up into stages and
areas of "responsibility". Then we can try to find volunteers to take on
each particular stage.

On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 11:37 +0200, Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
> Good Day Fellow zim-ubuntu-ans!
> Im new to the Zimubuntu group, and would like to become an active
> member
> of Ubuntu Zim LoCo Team. 
> A short introduction if i may, my name is kalpesh, I currently work as
> a hosting 
> sysad for yoafrica/webdev. I will be volunteering to look after our
> new zim based 
> ubuntu repository box with regards to connectivity in our yoafrica
> data centre... 
> our main goal is to keep it live 24/7...
> This repository is currently being setup by Enet Solutions... and
> should be available
> very shortly! there are just a couple more storage issues that need
> sorting.. ..
> Since we are preparing to launch the repository....i have had an idea
> for sometime,
> that im hoping might be of interest to keen ubuntu members. 
> On the zimbabwe team forum site, theres was a topic which discussed
> trying to 
> distribute ubuntu cd's as a free service. Some of the ideas that can
> up, 
> were for people to send in self addressed and stamped envelopes with a
> blank disc 
> enclosed.
> I have been stewing around an idea to create our first freedom toaster
> in zimbabwe 
> for some time now.,,, if you're not sure what it is..please see
> the freedom toaster is a project started by mark shuttleworth.. to
> help distribute 
> ubuntu and other open source software in an easy convenient way.
> I am very keen to get a freedom toaster in zimbabwe going. I think it
> would be a great
> achievement in getting open source "out there". i am a very
> technically minded person,
> and can do most of the work with regards to computer components and
> installation.
> however, if there is anyone else who would be interested in helping
> out, you are most 
> welcome to join in. We will need various people to do various
> things... from marketing..
> to painting.. to finding sponsors... to sourcing a location for it...
> to donating equipment..
> to finding people to donate... to advertising.. (so we can be in the
> ubuntu culture spotlight)
> if you are interested.. and can help in any way possible.. please
> do get in contact.
> At the moment, alot of people are tied down by various work and
> economic issues (myself 
> included) so, we're not planning to rush the construction or planning.
> But i think a start,
> with a discussion would be great :)
> keep well... and see you all in cyberspace!
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