Ubuntu Zimbabwe - Update

Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at masvingo.halsteds.co.zw
Mon Oct 29 11:31:23 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Just a general update for those who haven't been monitoring the forum. 

      * Yoafrica has said they will be happy to host a local Ubuntu
        repository and the Ubuntu Zimbabwe web site (once we've created
        it). Thanks to everyone who took part in the discussions on the
        forum - nice to see it becoming active :) 
      * Work on the Web site and repository should be starting very soon
        as, with the offer for free hosting, this should be our top
        priority. This also includes registration of the
        www.ubuntu.org.zw domain, but we still have to work out a few of
        the finer details before this can be done. 
      * The event planned in Masvingo for 20th October did not actually
        happen. It has been postponed but will hopefully still take
        place before the end of the year. I will advise of dates. We're
        still hoping for some support from the other guys in the area
        (Mashava guys have been very quiet lately?), so please advise if
        any particular dates would suit you. 
      * I'm hoping to receive 50 Gutsy installation discs in the next
        few weeks (for Zim). However, I feel that these should be used
        for promotional purposes as much as possible, so if existing
        Ubuntu users could order their own copies via the net (if
        needed), it would help quite a bit. I did request more discs for
        Zimbabwe but unfortunately due to the high demand, they are only
        able to supply us with 50 at this point. 
      * Thanks to the new Team Members who have signed up fairly
        recently (GG, RS, HT) - welcome aboard :)


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