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Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at
Wed Nov 14 07:57:21 GMT 2007

Dear Zimbuntuans!

Following our initial request to Yo!Africa for free hosting of an Ubuntu
site and repository mirror, they have informed us that they have decided
to set up a full Linux repository, which will host mirrors for all the
major Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. Yo!Africa have brought in
Ray Goosen from Enet to set this up. I have been in touch with Ray and
at this point he is still sourcing suitable hardware for the project and
says that it might still be a while before everything is up and running.
However, as I said to him, the benefits of this project will be huge to
all of us, so I'm sure we don't mind waiting a bit longer.

Having agreed to host the site and domain for free, Yo!Africa then
requested that we submit an 'official' application, which I have done.
Raymond and I are still working on getting the site ready as quickly as
we can, but as I've said before, lack of ZESA and the cost of running
generators is slowing things down quite a bit. Progress is being made


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