[ubuntu-za] Backup, syncing & password consultant for Ubuntu & Win10

Charles Irons irons.charles at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 08:17:20 UTC 2021

Hello Chris & Ubunt-ZA & Ubuntu user tech support

At age 82 I need to get my computer configurations into shape. The 
digital world has moved ahead while I am slowing down.

I hope to find a consultant willing to add cloud backup, syncing, 
password management & ? to my Ubuntu & Win10 machines!!

This Asus desktop PC running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS does most of my business 
but it is also getting old (2014?)

I bought a used HP ProBook in 2019? that will take over when this 
machine dies. It also has Ubuntu 20.04 installed but not up to date 
because the two are not synced. It also has dual boot Windows 10 that my 
wife is using for Gmail communication and we share it for Zoom meetings. 
(Asus has no camera nor built-in mic).

I use an old Samsung Galaxy smart phone and my wife uses an old Apple 
iPhone SE.

Getting all this gear to work in sync would help a lot.

Any offers and suggestions are most welcome. I will email tech specs as 

Kind regards. Chas IRONS

*Mobile contact +27 83 588 0028*

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