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Jan jan at verslank.net
Fri Mar 29 17:29:49 UTC 2019

Many thanks Bruce.

Would the fact that his Windows installation on the same hard drive is 
still running fine, alter your opinion about a potentially damaged HDD 
in any way?

He has downloaded an Iso image of Ubuntu and we will be booting from 
that shortly to see what we can achieve in terms of repairs, otherwise 
we will just do a fresh install, fortunately he has backups of the 
important data on the drive.

Best wishes,


On 2019/03/29 18:46, Bruce Pieterse wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately, the drive has sectors that are no longer readable by 
> the kernel. This can be seen with "Buffer I/O error on /dev/sda5. 
> logical block ..." output.
> At the top of the screenshot, it says that it is already trying to 
> recover the journal for the file system, but is unable to read (READ 
> DMA EXT) that portion of the disk.
> If it was affected by load shedding then I would recommend getting a 
> new drive, doing a fresh install and try to copy as much of the data 
> off this problematic drive as possible from an external drive docking 
> bay/case.
> I'm not sure what type of disk this is e.g. Seagate, Western Digital 
> etc, but you could try run the respective manufacturers disk tools to 
> see if it can fix the drive. From my experience, the Buffer I/O error 
> normally indicates failure of the drive.
> I hope this helps.
> -- 
> All the best,
> Bruce
> On Fri, 2019-03-29 at 12:36 +0100, frank.kusel at tuta.io wrote:
>> Of miskien:
>> /sbin/fsck -yf /dev/sda5
>> 29 Mar 2019, 10:56 by wesley.werner at gmail.com:
>>> Jan, my raai is David moet file system checker hardloop:
>>> |fsck -yf /dev/sda5|
>>> ||
>>> https://askubuntu.com/questions/885062/root-file-system-requires-manual-fsck
>>> --
>>> Regards
>>> Wesley Werner

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