[ubuntu-za] Failed to load kernel modules

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 14:15:54 UTC 2019

An update on this problem. It seem that the hard drive definitely has a
problem. I reinstalled Grub on it and also on the SSD then re-installed
18.04 on the SSD only. I tried to allow access to the hard drive (my home
directory is still there) by an fstab entry but no joy. However, I can
access the hard drive and can mount the home directory using 'mount
UUID=xxxxx /home'. I don't understand why this works and the fstab route
doesn't. But then I don't understand very much.

My next action will be to take the hard drive to the doctor for a physical
check up.

On Tue, 12 Feb 2019 at 17:49, Paolo Gigante <paolo.gigante.sa at gmail.com>

> Hi Bill,
> As a starting point, I would unplug the 1TB completely and do a fresh
> install on the SSD. I would also delete any pre-existing partitions on that
> SSD and start from scratch (NB! Make sure you backup any data you want
> before you blow it all away). That way you are hopefully eliminating any
> interference from a previous install.
> Personally I have not had the greatest experience with Ubuntu18 so I still
> use 16.04 but that would be my first step in getting it working.
> Once you get your system up and running, you can add the 1TB at a later
> stage, you may need to adjust boot order in your bios if you have a boot
> record on the 1TB.
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 1:34 PM Bill Cairns <cairnsww at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I arrived home (after being away in Joeys for the weekend attending my
>> grandson's 18th birthday party) and my Ubuntu 18.04 would not boot. it went
>> most of the way through the boot process but then dropped into terminal
>> mode and told me that ' we are in emergency mode'. The error message, a few
>> lines above, says 'Failed to load Kernel Modules'.
>> As I was quite keen on doing a clean up anyway, I thought that this was a
>> good opportunity to do a fresh install. So I tried that. (I now think that
>> this was a very poor decision, but there is no going back now
>> unfortunately.)
>> The install does not go through cleanly. At the end it gives me an error
>> message that it could not clean up past packages or something. (I am sorry
>> - I should have noted this down but didn't.) It then tells me to remove the
>> installation media and reboot. I do, but the same error as before - Failed
>> to load Kernel Modules.
>> i have tried Googling this error but all the situations described do not
>> come close to being the same as mine - usually people seem to get the eror
>> after upgrading. I have not just upgraded and have been running 18.04 since
>> July or August last year.I am afraid that the solutions that I read on
>> Google confuse me completely and I have not understood them well enough to
>> think of trying any of them.
>> My configuration might be a bit unusual - I have a 1TB hard drive with my
>> Home directory (and the boot sector). I also have a 128Mb SSD for the
>> operating system. This has been running happily since October or so (and
>> seems to work very well and fast).
>> (I did trying installing the boot sector on the SSD but still get the
>> same error.)
>> I have no idea whether I am facing a hardware error or if I have somehow
>> destroyed something important. The only extraordinary happenings have been
>> some power failures - not only this week with load sharing but two strange
>> ones last week before I went away.
>> I would appreciate any ideas or pointers in the right direction.
>> Bill
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