[ubuntu-za] auto login/shutdown to Ubuntu 18.04 server

Mike Stroud stroudmw at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 04:59:02 UTC 2019

Hello Group,

I have an old desktop PC that I've turned into a headless Ubuntu 18.04 
print server.

I login via ssh once a week or so to check logs, and to check for updates.

How can I get it to login automatically? It doesn't have a desktop, so I 
don't have the config file in /etc/gdm (I wrote that from memory - I 
might have it wrong).

I'd also like it to shut down "gracefully" when the power button is pressed.

The person who works with it is "technically challenged", so I'd like to 
make things as simple as possible: she presses the power button in the 
morning to turn it on, and then presses it again in the evening to 
switch it off.

Is this possible?

Thanks, Mike

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