[ubuntu-za] OPENING files with .png extentions in MS

Alfred C Stockton alf at stockton.co.za
Thu Apr 26 10:36:31 UTC 2018

I would look at GIMP.

Hi everyone   26Apr18

Re:  OPENING files with*.png extentions*  in MS Windows

I am forced to work with MS at the workplace, with the Workplace PC -
cannot install Ubuntu or such on the PC.

However I have opted out of using any MS program and can install smaller
free programs.

In the process*I have trouble opening .png files* - as I have not come
across an OS program with which to open png files yet. Which image
editor do I really need???

*Is Scribus the answer* and can I install it on MS? It looks like
overkill -  I just need to open a few png files per month and don't need
to work on it - just need to open it to see the .png product.

*Any advice?*

For*.pdf files* I am using PDF Reader - which does work.


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Alf Stockton

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