[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu for Hope update

chesedo pehshelchesed at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 17:52:39 UTC 2017

Good day all,

In the last meeting there was a call to have some fb posts and tweets 
available for sharing more about the Ubuntu for Hope project. Currently 
not much has happened lately so no sharable info is available. For 
renewed activity there is a need for old hardware that is available for 
donations - which will be fixed. Then these restored hardware will also 
have to go somewhere, so we need people in need of these PCs for their 
work, education, etc.

If you have some old hardware and/or know of where they may be needed, 
please reply to this threat so that we can compile a list for these two. 
Most around Pretoria/Gauteng will be useful, but others may be able to 
help for any in other locations as well.


Pieter (chesedo)

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