[ubuntu-za] Networking

Jan jan at verslank.net
Thu Feb 9 16:47:06 UTC 2017

On 09/02/2017 18:36, Lee Sharp wrote:
> On 02/09/2017 01:35 AM, Jan wrote:
>> Good morning all,
>> Could the networking specialists please help?
>> I am trying to network-connect my Ubuntu 16.04 desktop to my wife's
>> Ubuntu 14.04 desktop via the existing ethernet cables that connect both
>> machines to the ADSL router.
>> Both machines pick up ping data from the other, but I cannot get them to
>> connect and I get lost when I try to follow these instructions:
>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/94690/how-do-i-share-files-between-two-computers-connected-to-a-router 
> There are several ways to do this, and there are two major sections; 
> Connectivity and mounting.  Connectivity is the method. SSH, Samba, 
> NFS...  Mounting is how you present it.  Nautilus, nemo, fstab.
> So do you want it always mounted or on demand?  If you want it always 
> mounted, using NFS via fstab is the easiest.  It mounts when you boot 
> and you do nothing at all.  But it requires the "server" to be up when 
> you boot.  I use nfs with fstab for definition and nautilus / GVFS to 
> mount on demand.  I do not know if nemo can do this.
>             Lee

Thanks Lee, I would like to keep it mounted. You seem to be suggesting 
that I should try via Nautilus as the next step?

Best wishes,


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