[ubuntu-za] Lost access to storage drive

Jan jan at verslank.net
Wed Feb 1 04:30:24 UTC 2017

Good morning,

Can somebody please point me in the right direction with this problem?

Running Ubuntu 16.04, /dev/sda1 Ext4 (version 1.0) — Mounted on an SSD 
at Filesystem Root, I have an extra HDD, /dev/sdb1, Ext4 (version 1.0) — 
Mounted at /media/root/My stoorplek in my desktop that I use for 
Timeshift backups and storage.

Everything runs fine for a while and then, after a restart, I get this 
failure message when I try to open the storage drive: /Could not display 
"/media/root/My stoorplek". The location is not a folder./

I have resolved the problem a few times by reverting to a previous 
snapshot in Timeshift, but this is obviously not the solution because 
the problem recurs.

Many thanks,


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