[ubuntu-za] Lubuntu displays

Adrianna Pińska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 20:21:31 UTC 2016

Hi, Jan

On 28 October 2016 at 21:37, Jan Greeff <jan at verslank.net> wrote:
> I have been around that workaround, but the outcome in does not show much
> and vertainly nothing about "sizemode"

Can you explain in more detail what you mean? Do you have a
xulstore.json file inside your Thunderbird profile directory

>  so I thought perhaps the Thunderbird
> version was broken or corrupt. I reloaded via Synaptic, no change.

This is a problem with the settings in your profile. Uninstalling and
reinstalling the package doesn't touch those settings.

> When I get back to that system some time soon, I will check to see what
> happens with F11. On my machine (Ubuntu 14.04) it just shows the Thunderbird
> events calendar.

Try alt-F11. I don't use Lubuntu, though; it's possible that your
keybindings are different.

Even if that works, you still need to edit the file to change the
default. Nobody seems to know how this option gets set in the first

Adrianna Pińska

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