[ubuntu-za] Updating grub fails

Xandor Schiefer me at xandor.co.za
Sat Jul 16 08:37:06 UTC 2016

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Hi Wikus,

Did you boot the system with a USB drive plugged in by any chance? It's
possible that if you did that your hard drive is not /dev/sda now, but

In any case, you can find out which partition your root filesystem is
mounted to with the following command:

df | grep /$

Note that that will output the root *partition*, not the drive.
If your partition was /dev/sdx1, then your drive is /dev/sdx (without
the number).

If that drive is different to the one you tried, then try to install
grub to the drive we just found (incidentally, if this *is* your
situation, the reason it could still boot is because grub typically uses
the UUIDs instead of device "letter" in crub.cfg).

If that's not the case (i.e. the drive you supplied initially is the
drive that contains your root partition), then possibly you've got a
Windows-Ubuntu dual-boot setup with two physical drives? In that case
figure out which drive is your windows drive (should be easy enough to
find: mount the drives in 'disks' GUI program, inspect the contents),
and install grub to that *disk* (not *partition*).

If that is also not the case, then there's a number of things that could
be the problem. Possibly you changed some BIOS settings (e.g. "Fast
Boot"). Perhaps this thread will be of interest:

Kind regards,

Xandor Schiefer
079 706 5620

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