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Fri May 22 15:49:18 UTC 2015

This certainly makes a good case for the government to support FOSS.

On 22/05/2015 14:57, Hilton Gibson wrote:
> Each year, more than R20-billion leaves South African shores in 
> technology payments, but the receipts we receive for our technology 
> amount to less than R100-million, a situation specialists say is 
> unsustainable.
> The Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators 2015, published by 
> the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI), paint the picture 
> of an innovation system whose inputs are increasing – both in terms of 
> money and students – but “doesn’t seem to be providing benefit in 
> terms of ‘bang for your buck’”, says Azar Jammine, project leader for 
> Naci monitoring, evaluation and indicators, and director of Econometrix.
> In 2013, we imported $1.9-billion worth of technology and received 
> only $63-million. Yet the amount South Africa sends offshore for 
> technology has increased significantly in the past nine years. “If you 
> keep importing more than you are exporting, you have this balance of 
> trade deficit,” he says, “and you become more and more reliant on 
> foreign exchange.
> http://mg.co.za/article/2015-05-21-improved-maths-and-science-results-crucial-to-technology-entrepreneurship

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