[ubuntu-za] Upgrading from 14.04 to 15.04 [worth it? ]

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Mon May 11 22:54:37 UTC 2015

On 8 May 2015 at 17:49, Charl Wentzel <charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za> wrote:

> But these days with only 18 months support for
> the non-LTS releases its not so great.

it is actually 9 months ! <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS>
i.e. I'll have to leave the safety of upstart behind by July..

The last several releases has been quite mundane with only minor
So until you find some version of some app that is not available on the
LTS, there is no big reason to upgrade.
I'm too curious not to run the latest releases, this system-d thing is the
first reason that gave me pause - let others iron out the wrinkles a bit
before I try it on :)

✝ Marius
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