[ubuntu-za] 15US$ Xprize: Bringing Literacy to Millions of Kids With Open Source

Leon Gert Marincowitz lmarincowitz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 06:08:21 UTC 2014

Hi guys

Some of you might know that Jono Bacon Ubuntu's former community Manager
moved to Xprise.

For those intrepid coders out there they just released an open source
challenge/competition -  15million dollars to teach lids how to read and
write. Seems like something we might have the skills to do.

*Jono Bacon: Bringing Literacy to Millions of Kids With Open Source*
// *Planet Ubuntu*

Today we are launching the Global Learning XPRIZE
<http://learning.xprize.org> complete with Indigogo crowdfunding campaign

This is a $15 million competition in which *teams are challenged to create
Open Source software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform
arithmetic in 18 months without the aid of a teacher*. This is not designed
to replace teachers but to instead provide an educational solution where
little or none exists.

There are 57 million children aged 5 – 12 in the world today who have *no*
access to education. There are 250 million children below basic literacy
levels, even after several years of school. You may think the solution to
this is to build more schools, but we would need an extra 1.6 million
teachers by next year to provide universal primary education.

This is a *tragedy*.

This new XPRIZE is designed to help fix this.

*Every* child should have a right to the core ingredient that is literacy.
It unlocks their potential and opens up opportunity. Just think of all the
resources we depend on today for growth and education…the Internet, books,
wikipedia, collaborative tools…without literacy all of these are
inaccessible. It is time to change this. Too many suffer from a lack of
literacy, and sadly girls bear much of the brunt of this too.

This prize is open to anyone to participate in. Professional developers,
hobbyists, students, scientists, teachers…everyone is welcome to join in
and compete. While the $15 million purse is attractive in itself, just
think of the impact of potentially changing the lives of hundreds of
millions of kids.

*Coopetition For a Great Cause*

What really excites me about this new XPRIZE is that it is the first Open
Source XPRIZE. *The winning team and the four runner-up teams will be
expected to Open Source their entire code-base, assets, and material*. This
will create a solid foundation of education technology that can live
on…long past the conclusion of this XPRIZE.

That isn’t the only reason why this excites me though. The Open Source
nature of this prize provides an incredible opportunity for *coopetition*;
where teams can collaborate around common areas of interest and
problem-solving, while keeping their secret sauce to themselves. The impact
of this could be profound.

I will be working hard to build an environment in which we encourage this
kind of collaboration. It makes no sense for 100 teams to all solve the
same problems privately in their own silo. Let’s get everyone up and
running in GitHub, collaborating around these common challenges, so all the
teams benefit from that pooling of resources.

Let’s also open this up so everyone can help us be successful. Let’s invite
designers, translators, testers, teachers, scientists, musicians, artists
and more…everyone has something they can bring to solve one of our grandest
challenges, and help create a more literate and peaceful world.

*Everyone Can Play a Part*

As part of this new XPRIZE we are also launching a crowdfunding campaign
<http://igg.me/at/learningxprize> that is designed to raise additional
resources so we can do even more as part of the prize. We have already
funded the $15 million prize purse and some field-testing, but this
crowdfunding campaign will provide the resources for us to do so much more.

This will help us broaden the field-testing in more countries, with more
kids, to grow a global community around solving these grand challenges,
build a collaborative environment for teams to work together on common
problems, and optimize this new XPRIZE to be as successful as possible.
Every penny contributed helps us to do more and ultimately squeeze the most
value out of this important XPRIZE.

There are ten things you can do to help:

*Contribute!** - *a great place to start is to buy one of our awesome perks
from the crowdfunding campaign. Find out more here
<http://igg.me/at/learningxprize>. *Join the Community** - *come and meet
the new XPRIZE community at http://forum.xprize.org and share ideas,
brainstorm, and collaborate around new projects. *Refer Friends and Win
Prizes* - want to win an expenses-paid trip to our Visioneering event where
we create new XPRIZEs while also helping spread the word? To find out
more click
*Download the Street Team Kit** - *head over to our Get Involved page
<http://learning.xprize.org/get-involved> and download a free kit with
avatars, banners, posters, presentations, FAQs and more. The page also
includes videos for how to get started! *Create and Share Digital Content* -
we are encouraging authors, developers, content-creators and more to create
content that will spread the word about literacy, the *Global Learning
XPRIZE*, and more! *Share and Tag Your Fave Children’s Book* - which
children’s books have been the most memorable for you? Share your favorite
(and preferably post a picture of the cover), complete with a link to

http://igg.me/at/learningxprize and tag 5 friends to share theirs too! When
using social media, be sure to use the #learningprize hashtag.

*Show Your Pride* -  go and download the Street Team Kit
<http://learning.xprize.org/get-involved> and use the images and avatars in
there to change your profile picture and banner on your favorite social
media networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+). *Create Your ‘Learning
Moment’ Video* - record a video and share on a video website (such as
YouTube) about how learning has really impact your life. Give the video the
title “*Global Learning XPRIZE: My Learning Moment*“. Be sure to share your
video on social media too with the #learningprize hashtag! *Put Posters up
in Your Community* - go and download the Street Team Kit
<http://learning.xprize.org/get-involved>, print the posters out and put
them up in your local coffee shops, universities, colleges, schools, and
elsewhere! *Organize a Local Event* - create a local event to share the
Global Learning XPRIZE. Fortunately we have a video on our Get Involved
<http://learning.xprize.org/get-involved> page that explains how you can do
this, and we have a presentation deck with notes ready for you to use!

I know a lot of people who read my blog are Open Source folks, and I
believe this prize offers an incredible opportunity for us to come together
to have a very real profound impact on the world. Come and join the
community <http://forum.xprize.org>, support the crowdfunding campaign
<http://igg.me/at/learningxprize>, and help us to all be successful in
bringing literacy to millions.


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Leon G. Marincowitz

Apologies for brevity,  sent from smartphone
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