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Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Wed May 21 08:26:36 UTC 2014

Miles, you and you other young Turks in the community must now please 
help the old man.

My feeling is that somebody in the know should be made aware that Compiz 
Config default settings wreaks havoc in the latest Ubuntu LTS release. 
Or is it just me that did something irrational that noboody else in 
their right young mind would do?


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On  tty1 (Ctrl-Alt-F1):
  $ export DISPLAY=:0
  $ unity-tweak-tool ---reset-unityÂ

(You may need to install unity-tweak-tool first...)

Ctrl-Alt-F7 and everything should be back to default (you may need to 

Alternatively, this should do the trick:
  $ dconf reset -f /org/compiz/


On 21 May 2014 07:03, Wikus <mazal.wikus at gmail.com 
<mailto:mazal.wikus at gmail.com>> wrote:

    On 20/05/2014 21:56, Jan Greeff wrote:

        Hi there Miles and the others, many thanks. I called my nephew
        in Pretoria who is also quite expert in Ubuntu and we had to
        reset Unity via ctrl/alt/f1, now everything is back to normal.
        My Unity window behaviour is also fixed up. Great!

    Morning Jan ,

    For reference , can you give us the command/s that you ran after
    going to ctrl+alt+F1 to reset Unity.


    - Wikus

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