[ubuntu-za] sshfs

Bill Cairns cairnsww at gmail.com
Mon May 12 18:30:33 UTC 2014

I have been struggling for some time trying to find the best way of
integrating my Linux desktops into my  home network - which runs on Linux
and Samba.

I had a successful, but not very elegant, solution using Gigolo and gvfs
but that stopped working when I moved to 14.04. In looking for a reason or
perhaps a better solution, I found out about sshfs.

This is a far better and neater solution to connecting Linux computers
together and I am more than happy with it. I am only sad that it took me so
long to find it.

I am submitting this post just in case someone else out there is looking
for a good way of connecting their Linux desktops to each other and to a
Linux server.

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