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This is awesome Marco, I'll help out where I can

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 5:16 PM, Marco Ceppi <marco at ceppi.net> wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> I was trying to keep this under wraps as I worked on it more before
> announcing to the world but I'm too excited with the progress so far so
> here's the "SUPER ALPHA BETA OMEGA" introduction to Juju Academy.
> I started this, http://juju.academy (http://learnjuju.com) based on my
> own experiences when trying new software. Primarily modeled after the Learn
> Go Lang webiste (http://tour.golang.org/) I set out to create an easy
> platform that emulates a terminal environment and allows a user to try Juju
> before ever having to install it. In addition I wanted to make a
> lightweight lesson framework to help guide new users in this exciting new
> Service Orchestration paradigm. Finally, the last goal of this project was
> to build an easy to embed module that could live in the docs to provide
> very lightweight terminal sessions that users could use to review what
> portions of the docs they were reading.
> Right now I've modeled just a hand full of lessons and only a few of the
> juju commands have actually been implemented. As this is a spare time
> project progress comes in chunks of time over the weekend and in the
> evenings. However, if you're interested in piloting the demoware and
> shaking out bugs please do so! You can view the lessons at
> http://juju.academy the source code is
> https://github.com/marcoceppi/juju-academy and the issue tracker is on
> that repo.
> Your juju environment(s) persist not only between lessons but also between
> page visits. If at anytime you wish to start anew you can do so by issuing
> the "reset" command in the terminal. I'm working on finishing
> http://help.juju.academy which will have this and other FAQ/Guide like
> questions to use the software. All Juju help can be found, as always, at
> https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs
> This is also a call for help! Anyone interested in writing lessons,
> command modules, fixing bugs, making this look nicer, etc - pull requests
> are welcome! The entire project aims to be modular (in that this framework
> could be used for non juju terminal lessons). Lessons are simply JSONP
> files that contain a set number of keys and commands are functions that
> perform some rudimentary validation.
> I eagerly await feedback and have had an immense amount of fun working on
> this so far! I'll likely follow up with a more official announcement when
> more of the commands have been implemented.
> Thanks,
> Marco Ceppi
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