[ubuntu-za] Any advice - Dopbox on one of my PCs is not activating

Robin Bownes robin at bownes.co.za
Wed Jun 4 09:41:32 UTC 2014

On 04/06/2014 11:00, Piet UbuntuPos wrote:
> Hi,
> Any advice - Dopbox on one of my PCs is not activating.
> Dropbox still shows in the Applications menu - @ Internet, but it does 
> not activate or launch at all.
> it is working fine on my other PC.
> rusty
I has a similar problem following my upgrade to 14.04. My solution was 
to uninstall Dropbox, delete the hidden Dropbox folder in Home, and then 
I also deleted all other Dropbox folders that came up on a search of my 

(please note, I did not delete the Dropbox folder in Home that contains 
copies local copies of the data that I store in Dropbox)

I then rebooted, and reinstalled Dropbox. Because all the settings files 
for Dropbox had been removed, Dropbox ran the whole initial startup 
procedure as for a brand new installation. Everything worked fine after 


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