[ubuntu-za] Is it safe to install Nvidia drivers from ubuntu's additional drivers for DELL XPS with Nvidia geforce 540 m 2 GB ?

Graeme Donaldson graeme at donaldson.za.net
Sun Sep 29 09:14:04 UTC 2013


It sounds to me as if your real question is "do I still need bumblebee, or
is the latest nvidia driver supporting Optimus technology?"

The answer to that is that you still need bumblebee because the official
driver still doesn't provide for powering off the discrete nvidia card. I
don't have my Optimus notebook anymore but bumblebee was the difference
between around 5 hours of battery life with bumblebee powering off the card
vs just over an hour on battery without bumblebee.

On 28 Sep 2013 5:12 PM, "Navdeep Singh Sidhu" <
navdeepsingh.sidhu95 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello every one,
> I recently trying my hands on KDE & installed it on my laptop. Then some
> of my apps in gnome got KDEized . When i removed KDE some how it broke my x
> server. today i fresh installed Ubuntu 12.04.03 LTS x64 on my laptop. My
> laptop has Nvidia GT geforce 540 m. I used bumblebee in past but now i
> heard that they developed drivers for optimus techonolgy too. So my
> question is , is it safe to install latest drivers from ubuntus repo or
> additional drivers ?
> If any other safe way please suggest me. I'm confused ?
> With Regards
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