[ubuntu-za] NEWS: 5 reasons LibreOffice and GIMP will not replace Microsoft Office and Photoshop

Frans de waal meesterarend at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 18:59:41 UTC 2013

On Sep 27, 2013 3:46 PM, "Dave.apter at gmail.com" <dave.apter at gmail.com>
>  On 27/09/2013 14:00, jako wrote:
>  I use MS office all day every day @ work. I have tried to go over to
libre office no success. Libre office does not have a worthwhile
replacement for MS office ACCESS .
>  I guess that 'work' also pays MS license.  Once you have to pay these
yourself you quickly learn to use SQL.  Access is fine,  but is no match
to, say,  Postgres.  Sure,  you do have to learn to work smarter rather
than easier ,  but the benefits are exponential.
We converted to postgres as backend just before I left last year...that was
a major improvement...

Jako did most of the work there since he had to do the suport when I
went... we did have to learn a lot B-)
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