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Frans de waal meesterarend at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 06:26:18 UTC 2013

On Sep 25, 2013 4:27 PM, "Bill Cairns" <cairnsww at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have being trying to get my 5 year old Mecer machine going again (it
has been sitting gathering dust for a few months). But I seem to go back
two steps for every one forward.
> This machine used to run 10.04 with no problems. I had two hard disks  -
a 160 GB drive (sdb) which I had partitioned sdb1 = root, sdb2 = swap and
sdb3 = home. Then a 500 GB drive (sda) that I used as backup storage.
> I started off trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 because that is a disk that
I had easily available.  It ran beautifully in live mode.
> The installation took forever - it seemed to get stuck downloading
updates to my existing packages. So I repeated the installation without
connecting to the Internet.
> Again the installation seemed to go fine, but the machine booted to the
point of asking for my password - it then refused to accept my password and
would not go any further. OK so perhaps I mistyped my password or had a
senior moment or something, so I re-installed. Same thing.
> Hm. So I repeated the installation except this time I told it to format
sdb1. Things went better and the machine accepted my password this time. In
fact everything looked good and I thought that I had a working Ubuntu
system. So I thought it was time to install all the updates that were
missing. That took a few hours.
> But now I had a new problem. The Unity GUI kept on just vanishing - the
icons on the left and the tool bar on the top just vanished leaving me a
completely useless machine. Sure, I could get a terminal window by
CTl-ALT-T, but the terminal would not accept anything that I typed. I had
to push the power button to shut the machine down and when I started it up
again, the GUI vanished within seconds of my logging in.
> I decided to cut my losses and start again. So I downloaded Xubuntu 13.04
and tried it in live mode. It worked perfectly - I was particularly
impressed that it found my wireless card and used it without problems
whereas previously I had had to compile the driver. I installed and the
installation went through. But on booting, I got the message "
> no such device d42bef6d ....
> grub-rescue>
> This is the point at which I am still stuck. I have Googled this and
followed instructions to restore Grub, but get a variety of error messages
depending on the sequence that I follow. I have tried telling the installer
to forget the existing partitions on sdb and to use the whole drive - no
change. I still get the "no such device" message.
> I am tearing my hair. How can a new installation not be able to find Grub?
> I am beginning to assume that I must have a hardware error. Any
> Thanks,
>   Bill
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Check the hard drive id then check to make sure that the partition with
boot have the same id and is marked as bootable, also check your boot order
in bios maybe first...  I do get that my windows and ubuntu drive get
swaped in bios for booting... not without reason, like unpluging an
repluging an drive.

And then it might help to check the rest using a live cd you should be able
to check theb drive id's with the disks gui tool

Frans de Waal
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