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On 09/10/2013 01:33, Tim wrote:
> This needs to be fought. Open up your books under the consumer 
> protection act, Microsoft. Who did you bribe? Who got the freebies? 
> The home systems and the "free" software? Any Surface tablets won in 
> lucky draws? Family junkets to Redmond and Disneyworld?
> The Delphi issue is beyond comment.
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This sucks! My daughter starts CAT next year. She is already fairly 
proficient in LIbre Office, but now she will need to do everything in MS 
Office - which I'll have to purchase no doubt, along with the Windows to 
run it. What of the families that can't afford the extra R3000-R5000 for 
Windows and Office - on top of the cost of a PC/notebook?

I will definitely be going to speak to the headmaster and CAT teachers 
at my daughter's high school in order to register my disapproval, and to 
ensure that they know of the FOSS options. I will also offer my services 
in setting up and assisting with teaching FOSS options if they are 
willing to make a stand. I'd like to suggest that we all follow similar 
courses of action to the extent that we are able. i.e. talking to our 
children's schools - and/or any local schools.
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