[ubuntu-za] Downloading update files via script

Wikus wikus at cheetah-microsystems.com
Fri Nov 8 05:54:51 UTC 2013

Morning everyone ,

I have a little script with just this command :

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -dy

It is scheduled to run every morning at 4am and this is just so that the 
update files are already
downloaded when I want to work and not wait for the download. ( the -d 
option )
It doesn't install automatically , I still do that myself.

However I have noticed that  commands downloads all updates files except 
kernel update
files. I must always still download kernel updates manually via the 
normal software updater.

Why is that ? And is there another switch I can add to those commands so 
that it will download the
kernel update files as well ?

Thank you

- Wikus

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