[ubuntu-za] [Petition to National Department of Basic Education] Re-evaluate the implementation plan for standardising to Delphi over Java

Peter Nel fourdots at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 10:05:38 UTC 2013

> Hi All,
> We need to specify a single alternative to Delphi or Java
> So far there has been more than 10 alternatives, from C to lazarus to
> Python, this will only confuse the DBE guys and gals even more
> We need to select 1 ( and I mean 1 alternative ), don't confuse the DBE
> even more
> The alternative must be :
>      Free as in Freedom, not only free as in cost
>      cross platform ( inparticular Linux, MS Windows, and OSX )
>      Easy to learn ( as most IT teachers have to learn it before they
> teach the Learners )
>      Need, Docs that are freely available
> So you programming guys and gals, select one alternative, and lets put
> that forward to them
> Lets make the DBE not have to think, or be swayed by someone else
> William

Is there a reason Java is not viable? I understand some people think of it
as difficult, but most free IDEs like Netbeans and Eclipse generate the
boilerplate classes and files, so students can just start coding. And it's
easier and safer than C (currently top) or C++.

Have a look at these programming language ranking sites that also track
popularity over some time. Java is consistently near 1 and
Delphi consistently very low on the list, sometimes not even on the list.



Another thing that seems to me would be an incentive for kids is that Java
can run on mobiles and tablets. Writing games or toy apps that kids can
bring to school and show or share with friends on their phones.

Peter Nel
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