[ubuntu-za] Creating DVDs

Percy Langa percylanga at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 10:41:38 UTC 2013

On 2013/07/05 11:56 AM, Wikus wrote:
> Percy , no I only used 12.10 for a little while and went back to 12.04 
> as 12.10 was very bad.
> So then it was from 12.04 to 13.04. All of which was fresh installs 
> every time.
> I went up to 13.04 because I wanted to use the latest software. Only 
> security related software are
> updated in LTS and not any of the others. I don't want to stay on 
> older software. This is a big weakness
> LTS has.
Well, I ran 10.04 LTS until 2 months ago. Why? It was rock solid on my 
PowerPC G4 laptop.
> I am very happy with 13.04 , it's a very solid release. This is the 
> only problem I have and would
> rather stick with Bombono for now than going back to 12.04. Just a 
> personal preference of mine.
> Bombono can do the job , it just have a very time consuming way of 
> creating menus and is the only
> reason why I prefer DVDstyler ( that is broken on my 13.04 ).
> I will deal with the slightly longer time Bombono takes for the job 
> for now.
Dual-boot 12.04 and 13.04? Just an idea.

Otherwise, run 12.04 in virtualbox [1].

[1] On older or low-spec machines, this can be resource intensive.


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