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Bruce Pieterse dev at otq.za.net
Mon Dec 30 08:14:28 UTC 2013

On 30/12/2013 09:13, Bill Cairns wrote:
> I have a brand new server on my home network (a good Christmas present 
> that!) and have got it up and working using Ubuntu Server 12.04. Lots 
> of things are working well, but I have run into a few things that I 
> don't know how to handle.  I am sure that these are very basic 
> questions and would appreciate a bit of patience as I struggle with 
> some new concepts!
> My first problem is that I can can connect to the server via PuTTY on 
> SSH and by using Nautilus's "Connect to Server" only by using the IP 
> address. (I have made it a static address so this is not a serious 
> problem). Why does using the host name not work?
> The second problem is that Nautilus gives me a window which gives me 
> access to the file system on the server. But how do I access the files 
> directly? Nautilus gives the location of the server file system as:
> sftp://biffmcdoo@ <http://biffmcdoo@>
> ("biffmcdoo" being the user name on the server).
> But I would like to use rsync to backup my files directly from my 
> Ubuntu desktop. How can I address these files? It seems that the 
> directory is mounted (Nautilus gives me the option of unmounting it), 
> but where?
> Thanks,
>   Bill
Hi Bill,

I forgot to mention that there is nice backup tool that comes with 
Ubuntu called Deja-Dup which uses duplicity. You can find it under 
Settings > Backup and you can automate your backups on a daily or weekly 
basis and it has support for Ubuntu One, FTP, WebDav, SSH, Windows 
Shares or local file system. It also offers encryption and has a simple 
UI interface. Just select SSH under storage fill out the details and 
when the first backup occurs you will be asked for the password to 
connect to your server and you can optionally set a password for your 
backups (once-off process).

Have fun! :)

All the best,


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