[ubuntu-za] USB performance

Wikus mazal.wikus at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 10:16:07 UTC 2012

Morning all ,

Is there an issue with usb performance on 64bit that I don't know about ?

Yesterday I started building a 64bit Ubuntu on my laptop and the usb 
transfer rate is horrible.
Only 2mb/s. On my pc , which is 32bit , I average close to 20mb/s. 
(can't remember the exact speed now).
There is a huge difference and very problematic at times.

My laptop is fairly new with usb2 ports , so it is not a hardware issue. 
It is also not the stick as I use it on
my pc (32bit) as well and there it is fine. I even tried different file 
formats between ext and fat32 but to no avail.
Previously I had 32bit ubuntu on the same laptop and the usb performance 
was fine then.

Is this a bug in 64bit ? Is there a fix for it ?

Thank you

- Wikus

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