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Quintin van Rooyen quintin.vanrooyen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:45:47 UTC 2012

On Sep 21, 2012 12:06 PM, "Charl Wentzel" <charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za>
> On 21/09/2012 11:18, Quintin van Rooyen wrote:
>>> However, the things I do like is:
>>>  - all the buttons you need access to is situated either at the top or
to the right close to the dash button, and
>>>  - the immediate availability of the applications menu when you press
the dash button.
>> I dislike those extra buttons, but different strokes. It would be nice
to have them enableable/disableable that you can choose if you want them or
> Absolutely, not everyone will like it!  A choice is always good.
>>> Now I can access the applications menu in the same amount of clicks
without moving my mouse all over the screen.  It just means you can get the
benefit of unity without losing (or complicating) the things you are used
to doing.
>> I am not sure what you mean with this, but then again I am a keyboard
pilot, and use the mouse as little as possible.
> That explains it then! :-)  I use my keyboard in a terminal, but in the
GUI I use my mouse.  What annoys me is hitting small targets in short
succession that are situated across the screen.
> Consider what it takes to open an application you don't often use (and
can't remember the name of):
> With Unity:
> - click on dash icon --> top left
> - click on applications lense --> bottom middle
> - click on "filter results" --> top right
> - click on application category --> center
> - click on "see more results" --> left
> - scroll through list (with huge icons and hard to read text in between)
> - click on application --> somewhere in the middle
> (seven actions all over the screen)
> Before you did this:
> - click on "Applications" menu --> top left
> - click on applications category --> slightly down
> - click on application --> slightly down/right
> (three actions close together)
> I'm sure I'm not the only one "bugged" by this... excuse the pun.

Hi. Excuse the lack of snippage but I am writing from my phone.

For all of what you explained in the first example I do the following:

- hit the super key.
- dash opens and I type a keyword for what I want to do, filenames and
program names bot work.
- choose from the results. This last step is the only place that I need to
use the mouse from time to time when the arrow keys don't want to work for
selecting the item.

So, want to edit a document?

- hit super key.
- type document name (I am rather sure typing office or write or doc will
also work but cannot test now)
- click or otherwise select the item I need.

That's why I love unity.
> Charl
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