[ubuntu-za] The next Ubuntu Launch Party for Johannesburg and Pretoria is planned for meet on the 13th October .

Dewald Noeth djnoeth at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 21:23:10 UTC 2012

Hi Nico

Like me I think you have the release date as September and not October,
making the release party before the actual release. if you would like to
keep that date for an ubuntu hour that would be awesome, this way people
can get to know each other before the release party and will fell
comfortable in that environment.

Hope to hear from you soon

Dewald J. Noeth
083 291 7799
djnoeth at gmail.com
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On 16 September 2012 20:30, Nico Michael(iBurst)
<nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za>wrote:

>  Hi there
> For the last 5 Release parties we have met at restaurants ,   this time l
> plan something different
> The next Ubuntu Launch Party for Johannesburg and Pretoria will be held in
> Pretoria at the House4Hack House in Centurion in October.
> Traditionally l delay the launch not to coincide with the official launch
> date,  this guaranteed me success for the last 4 events with the  new
> version downloaded and on time
> Provisionally we will meet on the 13th October .
> Once the venue has been finalized
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> * Date:*
> 13th October 2012
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> * Venue:*
> The house is located at 4 Burger Ave in Lyttleton Manor , Centurion ,
> Pretoria
>  I managed to find a map to House4hack :
> http://www.house4hack.co.za/about (the top map)
> --
> Kind Regards
> Nico Michaelhttp://www.arduino.org.za
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