[ubuntu-za] How to change critical level of battery in Ubuntu 12.04 ? & Is it safe to edit conf files of /etc/laptop-mode/ ?

Wayne Abroue plettpc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 05:34:00 UTC 2012

* Intentional top post*

Gee, guys, Why is always the just found out about the terminal guys
that get their panties in a knot.
research on google? Come-on , Ubuntu is changing more than I change my
socks, most info available will be either outdated or simply wrong.
Yep, correct answers might be documented in some obscure dark place on
the intrawebs, but good luck finding it.
To OP >  A lot of Linux fundi's hang out on GLUG, CLUG, UBUNTU,
GENTOO, ETC lists at the same time to get our daily dose. cross
posting can irritate some, I don't know why though.I just ignore it.
However some do not, so no major harm done if you don't get any
favourable response on one list.
To the disgruntled, remember spoonfed will never get one far in
Linux.It's a fact.

Enjoy your day guys

Wayne A

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 7:13 AM, Jan Greeff <jan at verslank.net> wrote:
> Thanks Robin and Frans, I agree wholeheartedly but also need to point out
> that I generally experienced wonderful support and very patient empathy from
> the Ubuntu community in spite of my relatively poor computer literacy. The
> times when I needed (and deserved) to be pointed in the right direction
> etiquette-wise, it was mostly done quite sensitively and diplomatically, and
> I agree that we should try to never antagonise or irritate each other.
> Jan
> On 11/09/2012 00:17, Frans de waal wrote:
>> On 10 September 2012 11:14, Robin Bownes <robin at bownes.co.za> wrote:
>>> Before anyone informs me, I am aware that this could be seen as misuse of
>>> a
>>> thread, but I'm actually just responding to a previous message in the
>>> thread.
>>> Wesley, Navdeep may not have the same level, or content of knowledge that
>>> you have concerning netiquette, but I'm sorry to say that the way that
>>> you
>>> spoke to him is just plain rude, and is therefore, in my opinion, much
>>> worse.
>>> This is meant to be a list where people can get assistance from
>>> fellow-Ubuntu users, but I must say that my personal experience, which
>>> I've
>>> mentioned before, has too often left me on the end of nastiness, rudeness
>>> and blatant arrogance. It is my suggestion that those who do not want to
>>> be
>>> of assistance to others, remove themselves from this list, thereby
>>> improving
>>> their own lives and ours.
>>> Much is written on this list, and in many other places about how to
>>> increase
>>> the public usage and acceptance of Ubuntu. My strongest suggestion, as it
>>> has been before, is to help other users at the level at which they
>>> require
>>> help, rather than beating them up over relatively inconsequential
>>> netiquette
>>> issues, or telling them that they'll only be helped once they've found
>>> the
>>> answer themselves on Google, or any of the other similarly rude and
>>> unhelpful responses that I've experienced and seen on this list.
>>> After approximately 5-years of using Ubuntu as my operating system of
>>> choice
>>> (on all computers in my home & office), I must unfortunately say, in
>>> spite
>>> of Ubuntu's "community" claims, that I continue to use Ubuntu in spite
>>> of,
>>> not because of responses I have received from this list and others within
>>> the Ubuntu community. Three of my clients (that I know of) that I
>>> converted
>>> to Ubuntu, and to whom I recommended this list for support, have actually
>>> reverted to Microsoft, not because they didn't like the software, but
>>> because they were treated so rudely by members of this list.
>>> I hope that those in control of this list will take this problem
>>> seriously,
>>> although they never seem to have done so in the past, and I've had no
>>> response to my previous mentions of this problem.
>>> In summary - Great software, but too often, a lousy attitude.
>>> On 09/09/2012 02:25 PM, Wesley Werner wrote:
>>> Hi Navdeep
>>> Please stop cross posting on multiple lists. It is bad netiquette, as is
>>> recreating new threads and shouting with exclamation.
>>> Try researching your issue online, then if you still need help, tell the
>>> list what you have tried to fix your problem with relevant links or
>>> commands.
>>> Now please go study for your internet license [1].
>>> [1]: www.gweep.ca/~edmonds/usenet/ml-etiquette.html
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>> Sadly I have to agree with Robin...answers like this...are not good
>> for encouraging new users,the correct way to handle this might be to
>> give a light push in the correct direction...and then mentioning the
>> netiquette link?  I know you all are busy but Ii have learned a lot
>> from this list without asking a lot of questions. I'm by no means a
>> expert, but put me in front of a broken system and I can figure out
>> whats wrong, sometimes even with things I learned here, so please yes
>> if you are iritated/busy rather do not answer wait for someone to
>> shove some info in the right direction. it will help alot for this
>> list to grow.
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