[ubuntu-za] How to change critical level of battery in Ubuntu 12.04 ? & Is it safe to edit conf files of /etc/laptop-mode/ ?

Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Tue Sep 11 05:13:37 UTC 2012

Thanks Robin and Frans, I agree wholeheartedly but also need to point 
out that I generally experienced wonderful support and very patient 
empathy from the Ubuntu community in spite of my relatively poor 
computer literacy. The times when I needed (and deserved) to be pointed 
in the right direction etiquette-wise, it was mostly done quite 
sensitively and diplomatically, and I agree that we should try to never 
antagonise or irritate each other.


On 11/09/2012 00:17, Frans de waal wrote:
> On 10 September 2012 11:14, Robin Bownes <robin at bownes.co.za> wrote:
>> Before anyone informs me, I am aware that this could be seen as misuse of a
>> thread, but I'm actually just responding to a previous message in the
>> thread.
>> Wesley, Navdeep may not have the same level, or content of knowledge that
>> you have concerning netiquette, but I'm sorry to say that the way that you
>> spoke to him is just plain rude, and is therefore, in my opinion, much
>> worse.
>> This is meant to be a list where people can get assistance from
>> fellow-Ubuntu users, but I must say that my personal experience, which I've
>> mentioned before, has too often left me on the end of nastiness, rudeness
>> and blatant arrogance. It is my suggestion that those who do not want to be
>> of assistance to others, remove themselves from this list, thereby improving
>> their own lives and ours.
>> Much is written on this list, and in many other places about how to increase
>> the public usage and acceptance of Ubuntu. My strongest suggestion, as it
>> has been before, is to help other users at the level at which they require
>> help, rather than beating them up over relatively inconsequential netiquette
>> issues, or telling them that they'll only be helped once they've found the
>> answer themselves on Google, or any of the other similarly rude and
>> unhelpful responses that I've experienced and seen on this list.
>> After approximately 5-years of using Ubuntu as my operating system of choice
>> (on all computers in my home & office), I must unfortunately say, in spite
>> of Ubuntu's "community" claims, that I continue to use Ubuntu in spite of,
>> not because of responses I have received from this list and others within
>> the Ubuntu community. Three of my clients (that I know of) that I converted
>> to Ubuntu, and to whom I recommended this list for support, have actually
>> reverted to Microsoft, not because they didn't like the software, but
>> because they were treated so rudely by members of this list.
>> I hope that those in control of this list will take this problem seriously,
>> although they never seem to have done so in the past, and I've had no
>> response to my previous mentions of this problem.
>> In summary - Great software, but too often, a lousy attitude.
>> On 09/09/2012 02:25 PM, Wesley Werner wrote:
>> Hi Navdeep
>> Please stop cross posting on multiple lists. It is bad netiquette, as is
>> recreating new threads and shouting with exclamation.
>> Try researching your issue online, then if you still need help, tell the
>> list what you have tried to fix your problem with relevant links or
>> commands.
>> Now please go study for your internet license [1].
>> [1]: www.gweep.ca/~edmonds/usenet/ml-etiquette.html
>> --
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> Sadly I have to agree with Robin...answers like this...are not good
> for encouraging new users,the correct way to handle this might be to
> give a light push in the correct direction...and then mentioning the
> netiquette link?  I know you all are busy but Ii have learned a lot
> from this list without asking a lot of questions. I'm by no means a
> expert, but put me in front of a broken system and I can figure out
> whats wrong, sometimes even with things I learned here, so please yes
> if you are iritated/busy rather do not answer wait for someone to
> shove some info in the right direction. it will help alot for this
> list to grow.

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