[ubuntu-za] Workspaces and Devilspie

Miles msdomdonner at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 05:59:56 UTC 2012

On 09/09/2012 08:15 PM, Bill Cairns wrote:
> In my innocent pre-Unity days I used to use the workspaces in Gnome
> extensively and was pretty disciplined (well pretty disciplined for
> me) about the way I used them: Browsers in Workspace 1; Thunderbird in
> Workspace 2; System stuff in 3; Graphics in 4; Writer and other office
> stuff in 6: most everything else in 5.
> Unity does not seem to lend itself to that sort of discipline: it is
> quite hard to get an application to run where you want to run it
> (right clicking on the bar up there does not seem to work for half of
> the applications) and most applications seem to run in the workspace
> where you are when they come up.
> Then I remembered Devilspie and decided to see if that would help. So
> I installed it, together with its nice new GUI gDevilspie, and
> eventually got it to work. (There is an un-documented requirement that
> the configuration files have to have lower case names). It seems to
> work fine under Unity.
> But here is the rub: I have Xubuntu also installed on this machine. I
> use it when I get frustrated with Unity and am finding that I am using
> it less and less. Now I only go to Xubuntu when I want to run Gimp
> which has big problems with Unity (some features just don't work and
> the application crashes when closing a file).  But Devilspie and
> Xubuntu just do not get along: log in to Xubuntu and all of a sudden
> the screen goes wild with what looks like a serious sync error. Icons
> duplicate themselves and flash around the screen; horizontal lines
> flash at me. It looks just like a hardware error that I recently had
> to spend some serious cash fixing. However, Unity still works fine and
> when I disabled Devilspe (by changing its configuration folder from
> ".devilspie" to ".Devilspie") all works well - I am using it to write
> this.
> Hmm. Hmm?
> I am interested to know it anyone has found a better way of using
> Workspaces in Unity. Or are they just last year's technology?
> Bill
Hey Bill, try the unity cure in the last mail
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