[ubuntu-za] Root user in Ubuntu

Nico Michael(iBurst) nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Sun Sep 9 06:40:53 UTC 2012

Hi there

*I need to work as root user *
I need to enable the root user and set the root user password in my 
Ubuntu workstation in a VM
I could do sudu su but I need to login with full root as the root user

*This is in a VM and risks mitigated*
Regarding risks this is a VM so I will make an image in the VMware 
server to recover from damage.

*How do I set root password*
I know is solaris you would use a passwd command to set the root user's 

*What is root home directory*
I also know in solaris the root users home directory in not /home/root   
what is it in Ubuntu Linux?
**The root or sudo user cant see programs pathed for non-root users how 
do I fix that*
Also I have seen certain program  ran when you logged in as non-root 
user which  did not get pathed and did not run on a Centos Server when 
you logged in as root

*I need to run Sun Java not the non-industry non-standard Java Ubuntu 
One of the problems all professional Java developers have with Ubuntu is 
we need to use the Industry standard so our programs work Ubuntu tends 
to install its own "Non-Industry non-standard" Java
Which we always have to remove and then it becommes a mission to get Sun 
java to work

*To get Sun Java running on Ubuntu*
I remove the "Ubuntu supplied non-standard Java" then I edit 
/etc/profile and add JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- and 
then export JAVA_HOME

*Java does not run as the sudo or root user*
This works when I run      java -version                      I get the 
right version of Java
how ever when I run         sudo java -version            It cant find Java

  which file and or older do you put path information  so the Root or 
SUDO user can find the Java ?

Please advise


Kind Regards

Nico Michael

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