[ubuntu-za] Open Source Citation and Reference programme

maia grotepass maiatoday at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 07:10:32 UTC 2012

>> Any suggestions?
> Both Zotero and Mendely have plugins for Libre/Open Office. Zotero used to
> be a Firefox plugin, but is now a standalone desktop app.
> I used both Zotero and Mendeley. I prefer Mendeley because I use Chromium
and the desktop app has a fair amount of features that are useful. Mendeley
plugin had some bugs making reference updates slow but since I started
using Mendeley there have been lots of updates so it is being worked on
actively, which is a plus. Mendeley can also clean up the folders where the
pdfs live and do autoscanning of a folder. So I'd say Mendeley.

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