[ubuntu-za] Unity 2D and graphics drivers

Charl Wentzel charl.wentzel at vodamail.co.za
Tue Nov 6 15:28:15 UTC 2012

On 06/11/2012 16:43, Wikus wrote:
> Afternoon all ,
> I have received my new pc today. Decided to install 12.04 as 12.10 is 
> just too slow and buggy.
> My new pc has an ATI card. I have noticed after install that only 
> Unity 2D was available.
> I installed ATI drivers and all are fine now and on Unity 3D.
> But , I have a question regarding future versions of Ubuntu. I have 
> read (and think 12.10 is already like it)
> that unity 2D are gonna be removed completely.
> So how then would one install such an Ubuntu on a pc like mine if 
> unity 2D isn't vailable ?
> How are you gonna install and actually start it up to get the graphics 
> drivers installed ?
> If unity 2D is not included , and your card don't support unity 3D 
> with Ubuntu's default drivers , then how do
> you get it installed and drivers downloaded ?
> - Wikus
Hi Wikus

As far as I know Unity 2D is no longer available from 12.10 on wards. 
PC's without hardware acceleration, this function will be taken over by 
software. In other words a slow PC will be even slower as it will have 
an additional overhead to carry. The decision was made to simplify 
development, having only Unity 3D to support from here on. For a lot of 
people this is bad news, especially if you have old hardware or like 
building low-end clients (like me). But I think percentage-wise this is 
a fairly small group. Unfortunately, Ubuntu therefore no longer "extends 
the liFe" of old hardware.

I guess if you are already unhappy with Unity this might the last nail 
in the coffin.

If you Google this, you'll find quit a lot of discussion on this topic.


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