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Peter Nel fourdots at gmail.com
Wed May 30 12:55:22 UTC 2012

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 10:02 PM, Jan Greeff wrote:

> Peter, the advice I receive is conflicting and confusing.
> I have been told that I should never upgrade to a LTS version because you
> should have a stable base from every LTS to build upgrades on until the
> next LTS release. This seems to make sense to me but you advise the
> contrary.
> Secondly, there seems to be a tendency to use images instead of original
> CD's, but the quality of these could be doubtful, as pointed out by you.
> It takes ages and a lot of data to download from the Internet so the way
> to go seems to be original CD's, but where do I find these? When I asked I
> received promises of images which were not forthcoming, but no indication
> of where to find originals.
> I end up with what appears to be a sick LTS to start off with, and a lot
> of wasted time to get to where I am. Seems to me that we need some solid
> advice structure on how to go about these things.
> Kind regards,
> Jan
 On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 5:56 AM, Jan Greeff wrote:

> I also have a twinset of hard drives on my machine. When I upgrade or
> reinstall, I disconnect the second drive, so I have my old system on one
> drive and the new install on the other.

I don't know what other people have experienced, but in my experience
upgrades are fine. The laptop (64-bit), netbook, and pc (32-bit) I upgraded
didn't give problems with the LTS upgrade. This has been the 3rd or so
release in a row that I just upgraded without problems - they seem to be
getting better at it.
I can understand why one would like to start fresh, but it can be a hassle
to migrate everything every time, and one can introduce problems like what
you may be experiencing (though it might indeed be due to something else).
Some reasons may include: clean out unused software, settings files, and
caches; reset configuration to default, and so on.

I don't know exactly what you did with the new install, so I cannot be
sure. Perhaps you copied your old home folder over the new one? This could
cause problems (and would in many senses negate some of the "clean" install
benefits, since old program settings and program folders would overwrite
the fresh ones... which is what you may want, but the new installs may have
changed formats of settings files, etc.) - unless you took care to only
copy selected files & folders to your new home folder.

Another thing may be that you keep your home folder (or some other
important files, like your mail folder, or LibreOffice docs) on another
drive, and the pc is not set up to automatically mount that drive/partition
so that when the program looks for e.g. the mail folder, it is in different
location than expected, or one that is not mounted/available. If the other
drive/partition is connected to your system, it may first try to mount
it... I've seen this happen where the the screen dims (becomes greyish)
while it waits to mount the partition on which the file resides (typically
this takes much longer if the partition is on a separate physical drive,
esp. if external). If an unmounted partition is the problem, one solution
is to google on how to automount the partition at startup (take note of the
filesystem on that partition) - or ask the list.

With regards to the images vs. disks - you don't need the original disks,
images are fine if not better (disks may become damaged or outdated). The
best way for you to know where the images came from is to download them
yourself from ubuntu.com or suitable local mirror that you'll find there
(typically faster). You can then follow the instructions on the site to
either burn them on CD/DVD (depending on image) or use a flash drive (which
is reusable).

Obviously, if doing a fresh install creates another set of problems, it's
not as useful as one would like.
The trick is to know what it is you're doing and why. The same solution may
not always work for everyone - YMMV (your mileage may vary)

Péter Nel
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