[ubuntu-za] Precise Pangolin 12.04 Official CDs are here

maia grotepass maiatoday at gmail.com
Mon May 28 09:59:04 UTC 2012

Hello ubuntu people

The CDs are here. There are 32bit desktop CDs and server CDs.

As before I will send out some CDs to central locations all over the
country. I have a list of regional contacts with addresses, but I am
not sure if these people want to distribute CDs again so I want to
refresh the list. This is a call  for volunteers. If you want to be a
regional contact and are willing to distribute CDs please let me know
your name and address. If you were on this list before and you are
still willing to distribute CDs also let me know your details because
I am recompiling the list. We also want to put the regional contacts
on the website so if people are looking for CDs you would be the
contact for that area.

Last time we had contacts in the following areas
Cape Town

Please let me know in the following 2 days so that I can send the CDs
as soon as possible.


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