[ubuntu-za] Thunderbirdv12.01 Backup and Restore between 10.04 & mint12?

Johan Mynhardt johanmynhardt at gmail.com
Fri May 25 10:37:49 UTC 2012

On 25 May 2012 09:29, Rob Watt <rob at robwatt.co.za> wrote:
> Just an idea...
> Why don't you link your existing email account with Google, then use Gmail
> as your mail client?
> Chrome has an Offline Gmail extension available, so you can search, read,
> type mails while not online and when you go online it sends/recieves. You
> can have all the features of Thunderbird without the issue you're currently
> experiencing.
It still bugs me as to why people with gmail accounts use a 'native
application client'. It's not my intention to start a flame war or A
vs B discussion.

I honestly just want to know what the benefits of such a client is
over using G/mail/drive/calendar/contacts in a browser.

Maybe there should be a new thread for this :P


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