[ubuntu-za] How to get the iBurst USB modem (iBurst Kyocera UTU03-178D-ZA-A) to work on the Internet

Nico Michael nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Fri May 11 14:26:24 UTC 2012

Hi Peter
Thanks for the info I am downloading this "as we speak"
I will letr you know what happens

Kind regards

Nico Michael
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On 10/05/2012 16:25, Peter Nel wrote:
> On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Peter Nel <fourdots at gmail.com 
> <mailto:fourdots at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Nico Michael wrote:
>         Hi there
>         My ISP (iBurst) gave me an iBurst USB modem (iBurst Kyocera
>         UTU03-178D-ZA-A) which I want to use to connect my laptop to the
>         Internet when I am out of the office and at work or home to
>         still be
>         able to use wifi.
>         Is there any one here who has done this successfully?
>         I am afraid of untested solutions, as I know Ubuntu has become
>         very
>         brittle and can't afford to break my Ubuntu
>         --
>         Kind regards
>         Nico Michael
>         (Sent from ptaisp.co.za <http://ptaisp.co.za>)
>     Nico,
>     I've done this a couple of times in previous versions of Ubuntu.
>     It was stable after I actually got it right, though it doesn't
>     integrate with your nice networking icons etc.
>     My modem is UTU03-1785D-ZA-A (note the '5', perhaps you left it out?)
>     You have to build the driver source, linux old school style :-) I
>     think the build script loads the driver afterwards too.
>     /*
>     FYI: Like all linux drivers it is a 'kernel module' (once
>     compiled) that get's loaded into the kernel. The module is
>     associated with the vendor/product numbers of the device.
>     The kernel processes the "plug in" signal that it receives when
>     you plug in your USB device. The kernel then reads the
>     vendor/product code from the device, and hands off communication
>     over that usb channel to the driver-module that matches the
>     vendor/product. So if nothing matches, no driver gets loaded or is
>     given control.
>     From that respect it's quite safe... worst case you load a driver
>     that does nothing. Building the files also just compiles source
>     code into a binary module - just files that otherwise lay there on
>     the hard drive.
>     */
>     Note that the ibdriver on sourceforge is for kernel 2.6.36. Ubuntu
>     is currently on 3.2.0-24.
>     This did cause some problems with the build, and you have to
>     change a line of code in one or two files. Basically copy-paste.
>     I also think you have to rebuild the driver every time the kernel
>     is updated.
>     I don't have the details right now. You'll have to search the web,
>     or wait for me to post back here, because I actually also have to
>     do this setup on a netbook... wife's been asking me for over a
>     month now. Guess now's a good time to finally do it.
>     Regards
>     -- 
>     Péter Nel
> Good news someone has created a PPA that builds and installs 
> everything, and also keeps the driver up to date as kernels and ubuntu 
> releases change.
> http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/82091-iBurst-and-Linux-setup?p=8153969&viewfull=1#post8153969 
> <http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/82091-iBurst-and-Linux-setup?p=8153969&viewfull=1#post8153969>
> I got it to work without rp-pppoe client or any further effort! Just 
> install the ppa, and run pppoeconf to setup connection as explained.
> I am struggling with the modem sometimes not picking up signal... 
> trying to replug it, reboot, etc. until I see some pattern.
> TIPS (commands):
> dmesg | tail - shows system picking up a usb device and assigning 
> driver when you plug it in
> lsusb - list usb devices including the ib modem
> iwconfig - list wireless devices, should show signal info for 'ib0' if 
> driver picked it up
> pon dsl-provider, poff, plog - pppoe commands to connect, disconnect, 
> and show setting up of connection with ISP
> ifconfig - shows network connections & IP adresses, iburst connection 
> should give 'ppp0' details
> route - shows if you have a default route via the iburst connection 
> (wifi or ethernet connections may interfere here, e.g. when going down 
> they leave no default route. Reconnecting iburst should reset it)
> This useful combo command enables you to continuously view activity:
> watch 'iwconfig ib0 && plog && ifconfig ppp0'
> -- 
> Péter Nel
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