[ubuntu-za] SOLVED: Re: www.sterkinekor.com site (Flash) no longer loads in updated Ubuntu 11.10

Chris Schoonbee cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za
Fri Mar 9 10:57:04 UTC 2012

Hi Tom,

Thanks for that.  After your confirmation that it must be my set-up I 
did some more digging around and learning.

I discovered /etc/alternatives and the update-alternatives command and 
realised that I was using gnash instead of Flash (although I don't 
remember doing anything in the last 8 days related to this).

Anyway I used update-alternatives to point mozilla-flash-plugin to the 
Flash lib instead of gnash and Voila! It works again.  Interesting, it 
also fixed Chromium (I guess because it is mozilla-based?)

For interest's sake I would still like to rule out an update to gnash 
(assuming I have been using it for more than 8 days) so I need to figure 
out how to find out a package's version install history.  Any hints on 
how I could find out when a particular package was installed?

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


On 09/03/2012 12:33, Tom Bamford wrote:
> On 9 March 2012 12:11, Chris Schoonbee <cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za 
> <mailto:cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za>> wrote:
>     Can you (or anyone else reading this) confirm that you can indeed
>     access the site on an up-to-date Ubuntu 11.10 with Firefox?  Then
>     I can know better whether it is an update causing the problem or
>     if it is some problem more specific to my set-up.
> Hi Chris
> Works for me. Ubuntu 11.10 amd64, 
> firefox-10.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 with Flash 11.1 r102 (installed 
> using flashplugin-installer-
> Not that it helps, but flash is notoriously unpredictable and crappy 
> on Linux, for a long time my browser would freeze if I right clicked 
> on a flash object. I doubt Sterkinekor management would share the 
> sentiment - I always use the self-serve Windows kiosks outside the cinema.
> Regards
> Tom
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