[ubuntu-za] Well done Ubuntu ........ 12:04 is a treat

Nico Michael nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Mon Mar 5 07:20:13 UTC 2012

Hi there

I had problems with my Ubuntu 11:10 it had broken I lost my sound and it 
stopped auto-detecting USB storage devices

On Saturday Marius gave me copy of the new Ubuntu

Although I had made two sets of backups I decided it was worth the risk 
as I would have to re-roll my Ubuntu anyway

Well when the CD started it gave me an option to upgrade my existing 
Ubuntu , I chose that

Initially I was concerned there was no Classic Gnome as I wanted 
multiple desktops

Then I re-read an old email I got from this list and installed Compiz 
Config Setup Manager
and set up 9 desktops on a 3X3 matrix

Now using Ctrl Alt and the cursors I can navigate to the 9 desktops.
My requirements from Unity have at last being met

I am not going to install screen savers as that is how I smashed my 
previous Ubuntu

I hope one day the Unity chaps will add Screen-savers to their System 
Settings  till then I will do without I dont want to destroy this 
installation as I did the previous

I alo like how they have "camellionized" the Dash Home
Now I look forward to hosting the next Ubuntu Launch Party in Pretoria again

This time its not going to be in Randburg as we were disappointed  when 
we gave the Randburg chaps a chance last time and we go no launch party

Kind regards

Nico Michael
(Sent from ptaisp.co.za)

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