[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu Unity Stability Issues

Wikus mazal.wikus at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 10:08:43 UTC 2012

Can't help with your iBurst problem , but what I can tell you is that 
Kubuntu is even more unstable.
I had many random crashes and bugs with it. Novell , I totally dislike that.

Why not try Xubuntu ? I used that when Unity first came out and couldn't 
get used to unity.
So I used Xubuntu for 2 years and were very happy with it. There were 
very few issues that I can recall.

Another option is to use Ubuntu but with the classic look. 
(gnome-session-fallback) I think it is called.
I use that at work on a 6 year old 512mb laptop and it works and is 
actually very stable.

- Wikus

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On 28/07/2012 20:36, Nico Michael(iBurst) wrote:
> Hi there
> I have had bad experiences with the last 2 versions of Ubuntu
> Every  second or third update breaks something in my Linux
> I seem to be continuously looking at the Ubuntu Community pages trying 
> to fix another problem
> Is there a way to permanently disable updates  and use a more Stable 
> Ubuntu.
> I cant use my iBurst any more on my Ubuntu so I am sending this email 
> from my Windows Laptop using my iBurst modem.
> My wife's machine has the Pre-Unity Ubuntu I never upgraded it since I 
> installed it and she has no problems.
> My file server is an older Ubuntu Workstation also a version not 
> supported any more and I am very happy with it.
> Last night I took a New Ubuntu CD and made a VM it was so unstable I 
> could not use it  It kept on crashing. I thought Ubuntu is built on a 
> very stable Kernel yet it crashes.
> I tried OpenSUSE although it was stable I found that distro is not as 
> user friendly as it could not automatically find my Laser printer on 
> my network. Which was the reason I moved to Ubuntu
> Is there a way to get Ubuntu to work with out the tears. Remove the 
> Unity ?
> Or should one  move to Kubuntu?
> Can you get Kubuntu to install with the Gnome desktop ?
> Some of my friends are talking of other Debian/Ubuntu  Distros I like 
> Ubuntu as its South African and wish to support it
> What say you how do I fix my problem?
> Novel has two versions a open source version and a stable commercial 
> version a bit behind the Open version but very stable.
> Does Ubuntu do that ?

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