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Tue Jul 3 10:20:27 UTC 2012

Hi all,
My batch of CDS has also arrived.
I propose a huge vote of thanks to Maia for her effort & dedication.
I'll add details for any takers in the Fish Hoek/Simon's Town areas.

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On 01/07/2012 21:56, maia grotepass wrote:
> Hi everybody
> The CDs are in the post. I sent them off early last week. If you want
> to track your individual parcel, please contact me off list and I will
> send a tracking number. Also will everybody please put their contact
> info on http://ubuntu-za.org/get-ubuntu. I have a list of everyone's
> details but I don't want to make this list public. I'd rather
> everybody put their details on the web page themselves.
> Just to explain. Getting CDs to everybody depends on some factors. The
> CDs usually get sent by canonical pretty quickly. Then they have to
> get through customs. Even though we get them for free, the parcel
> always seems to get stopped. I think you can't send a parcel of 9 kgs
> without an invoice and what seems to be a negligible amount by
> european standards is enough to get taxed here. So once the customs
> etc get sorted out the CDs get to me. I have to collect all the
> volunteer names, divide up and pack them in 14 padded envelopes,
> address them all, fill in the post office slips and send them off.
> This isn't a task that just takes a few moments. I am more than happy
> to do this, but can only do it when it fits in. So delays are to be
> expected. If anyone wants to take over this duty, you are welcome to
> let me know if you want to have a turn to be the loco contact. I also
> think this exercise should be reserved for LTS CDs.
> Maia
Hi Maia,

I've received the CD's, thanks very much. I'll put my contact details on the ubuntu site for anyone wanting a CD in the Port Elizabeth area.

Kind Regards


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