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I use a GP 4500 officejet and a Samsung laser printer. Both work with all the versions of Ubuntu from 9.04

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+1 on this

On 12/01/26 11:27, Marius Kruger wrote:
> We have a hp inkject color printer with scanner.
> Because the ink dries so fast and it is about R300+ a pop the printer
> is a bit useless
> but the scanner is useful. It works fine our ubuntu pc,laptops,etc.
> I'd say don't try to combine this. Get a color *lazer* printer and
> whatever is the cheapest scanner with or without a printer (preferably
> hp).

  When working on a computer you have to know enough:
  To fake what you don't know.
  Google what you can't fake.
  How (and when) to 'motivate' the computer to do what Google won't tell.

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